2014, according to the Eastern calendar, is the year of the Green Wooden Horse. However, some astrologers believe that the Blue. But in any case, this is the year of Green or Blue Horse, first of all, promises to help many people to finally decide their old long-standing problems.
In addition, it will help those who want to Express themselves in public and political life. But confidence should not be turned into audacity - otherwise nothing good will come of it. According to the horoscope, the Horse will not relax and go with the flow, nothing to worry. Most likely, people will get into a difficult situation. However, changes in many spheres will be positive, although, unfortunately, we do not always realize this immediately. In General 2014 is a unique opportunity to change our perception of the world and become a new person.
And now for each giroskopicheskikh sign specifically.

Aries. 2014 promises Aries luck and success. They become happy owners of the ticket, not only this year. Especially favorable period for those born under this sign will be spring. At that time should be engaged in self-education. Also a lot of good opportunities for Aries may appear in late summer and early autumn.
As for love, the year of the Horse is going to be for Aries is very favorable for marriage, and for new interesting acquaintances.
The health of the representatives of this sign should be sure to watch as likely exacerbation of chronic diseases that have not made itself felt. Also you should pay special attention to the diet. Health diet this year is very helpful and will bring many benefits to the body. To support the overall tone will help physical activity (any). One of the best relaxation techniques for Aries can be a yoga or visit the sauna.

Taurus. For those born under this sign 2014 promises major changes that occur in all spheres of their lives. The main advice is not to lose heart and radiate only positive energy. Given that in the year of the Horse, in particular, in the beginning, Taurus will stubbornly defend their interests in both professional and social life, optimism and positive attitude will become the best helpers for this.
Also Taurus must be prepared for the fact that in the first months of 2014 Green Horse will test the strength of your family unit is the patience and the search will help to prevent conflicts.
With regard to health, it is recommended to cleanse the body and revise your diet, deletion of products containing sugar. The last three months of the year is a great time for sports and practices designed to improve the physical form.

The twins. The year of the Horse may begin to Twins very ambiguous. Some things will emerge unexpectedly well and some, on the contrary, will be disappointed. The stars recommend you to look at the situation from different sides and explore your surroundings. Understanding who your friend is and who is not, in many respects will help to solve the problematic situation 2014 positively. There is a high probability of moving up the career ladder and attain various professional goals, the implementation of which you have long been dreaming of.
As for his personal life, a significant change in the sphere of love waiting in the spring, particularly unmarried Twins can be found in this period, his soul mate.
As for health, the year of the Horse can bring a lot of problems. In particular, very vulnerable digestive system is therefore in no case should not neglect the rules of healthy nutrition. In General the Twins this year, be sure to rethink their way of life - time changes, and if you've neglected your health, then in the year of the Horse will need to take it seriously enough.

The cancer. 2014 promises to be for Cancers very bright, saturated, interesting and emotional. However, much will depend on your positive thinking. Likely to meet new people, which subsequently will well affect your life. In General, the stars advise Cancers possible not to risk in the year of the Horse and not to tempt fate. For professional sphere the most successful period will fall. Only you should not make hasty decisions. You all well to ponder.
The family Cancers may escalate, so will not be superfluous sincere conversation regarding the accumulated problems and their experiences.
The health of the representatives of this sign in 2014, hardly strong. Especially it concerns the winter, when catarrhal and viral diseases will attack your weakened body. Probable and emotional fatigue. In General, try to take good care of your health, not prekladatel and strengthen your immunity.

The lion. The stars recommend to the Lions in 2014 try for 100. Because as you put so much and enjoy. Hope for good luck in many important issues not worth it. However, this does not apply to Lviv engaged in scientific activity. It is likely that they will do some extraordinary breakthrough that will give them the recognition and will bring success. All other representatives of this sign should develop your powers of observation and care.
As for his personal life, the lone star Lions recommend this year not to push away whoever they liked, but let him in your heart, knowing better, too, should not, in order not to be disappointed. Family as Lions may suddenly feel that close to them, not the people. However, it is also important not to hurry to adopt decisions.
Regarding health, if the Lions learn how to relax, you can suffer not only strength, but also to the cardiovascular system.

A virgin. For those born under this sign 2014 promises to be quiet and peaceful. Stars predict bright moments and positive mood during the whole year. Also it is a favorable period for those, who decided to devote themselves to career growth.
Green Horse will contribute for Dev and heart matters. Since January till the middle of April and in the beginning of September lonely representatives of this sign can find love. For couples time trials may become the beginning of the year.
As for health, the Virgins, this year will bring great energy potential. However, in order for it in vain not to waste, you should keep your body. In particular, to respect the day, healthy nutrition, boost immunity.

The scale. The year of the Horse will bring serious changes in the life of the balance, most likely, they will be pleasant and will positively affect your future. Professionally, this year promises to be quite successful: there will be new opportunities and prospects. The main thing is not to be lazy.
Weights that are already found your soul mate, the stars predict a lot of pleasant moments feelings will become even stronger and warmer. Single - can hope to meet my half.
The horse is Libra every way to help, feeding energy, first of all, those who are watching their health and tries to lead a healthy lifestyle. In July and October worth of oneself injuries. Generally, in the course of this year Scales are energetic, active and able-bodied.

Scorpion. 2014 will open before the Scorpions new way forward in life. Representatives of this sign will be able to learn and to Express themselves in different spheres of life. The year of the Horse will be the time of great promise and success.
What true love, Scorpions expects a high popularity with the opposite sex. Manage to find exactly the person with whom you can really be warm and long lasting relationship. Family Scorpios should be patient and tactful as possible unfounded insults and quarrels.
2014 will not bring born under this sign any serious health problems. But the likely problems with digestion and seasonal diseases.

Sagittarius. Born under this sign should be prepared for the fact that the 2014 to bring them all UPS and downs. We need to try, despite the problems, be patient and stay calm. In General, the stars recommend Sagittarius activity, activity and purposefulness. But do not forget about the rest. Because a lot of things in the professional sphere will be able to achieve exactly those Archers, who correctly organize their work and leisure. To start the year the representatives of this sign follows from the revaluation of its relations with others, as their success this year will depend primarily on relations with people.
As for my personal life, family Archers will be surprised at the great number of gifts that will just fill up your partner. Try to be calm, tender and considerate with your half, avoiding sharp angles.
The basis of good health for Riflemen during 2014 will be moderately active lifestyle and positive thinking. If you do not succumb to depression and useless experiences, and health all will be well.

Capricorn. In General, Green Horse promises Capricorn successful coincidence of circumstances during the year. Will become reality is not one cherished wish. Moreover, it can happen quite unexpectedly. Many will be able to get a job, to discover new talents. 2014 will pass under the sign of Capricorn career and development. Heavenly bodies do not advise the representatives of this sign to limit your social circle only my family, relatives and close friends. On the contrary, try to be "in the midst" of events.
During the year, Capricorns are just sparking charm and positive energy. So lonely Capricorns will probably be able to easily win the object of his affection.
As for health, the stars are recommended to improve their health observe the General rules, in particular to do daily exercises, eat right, to harden, etc. to Start treatment are running and chronic diseases better in the spring.

Aquarius. For Aquarius 2014 can become one of the most remarkable periods in their lives. Moreover, their success will pursue practically in all spheres. You will feel a surge of new forces, energy, become stronger and tougher, be sure to have a positive impact on your future. Make the most of their creative abilities and creativity, and success will not keep you waiting. The only condition of this success decisive action, otherwise Aquarians are unlikely to take a little step, if they will wait and hesitate.
Lonely Aquarius in February can wait fateful acquaintance with their partner. Married, or those who already have a pair, the stars advise not to show their feelings in people, in order to avoid jealousy that may affect your relationship.
In 2014 those born under this sign will have great tone and different special vitality and optimism. And little problems will be easily overcome. But do not forget about the balance and equilibrium in all. Also be aware of your surroundings, for energy vampires you with its vibrant energy can be a wonderful time to recharge. In the first half of the year there is a possibility of loss of calcium in the body, so you should refill it with diet.
In addition, the year of the Horse - favorable period for Aquarius, who decided to quit.

The fish. Year Green Horse is going to be for Fish very successful and happy. However, it is likely to be only for those who will do their best to make your dreams come true.
If desired, you can even change the profession. 2014 will promote the best way. The stars are not recommended to share the Fish with their ideas with business partners, as they may suffer due to his excessive trustfulness.
As for loving you free right now, there is a greater chance at this year to meet with someone in the future will develop a romantic relationship.
The weak point of the representatives of this sign for 2014 will be thighs. Therefore, you should try to protect them from injury. Special attention to health should be given in the spring. Allergies, injuries and simple ailments can become a serious obstacle on your way to success. In the autumn will be especially useful variety of preventive measures aimed at strengthening the immune system. Although damage the health of Fish, most likely, may not viruses, and harmful habits. In particular, you may experience problems with weight, both towards increase and decrease. Therefore, you should pay attention to his diet, organizing a full and healthy diet.

Prepared Alla GRISHILO.