Tantric massage originated in yoga and is the unity of men and women not only on physical but also on the moral level, its purpose is not only a physical orgasm, but moral.

Tantric massage, as such, aims to expand the scope of our consciousness, and get new, previously unknown sensations.

If tantric massage energy between partners is so strong that You have the impression that there is a merging of your shower. Every part of your body becomes an erogenous zone. Movements are slow, gentle and at the same time strong. The massage is accompanied by slow music, nudity, aroma candles and a large amount of oil.

Massage starts from the toes and ends with a scalp massage, special attention is paid to the places between the toes, as the skin is particularly sensitive.

The main feature of tantric massage is a massage of the genitals. To describe it to convey its peculiarity is impossible, it is necessary only to feel. No one will regret it..