Massage Hellerwork is an erotic massagethat has no similarities with any other massage, and the Creator of it was Joseph Heller.

The distinctive feature of this massage is that in addition to hands, lips, body massagers and standard massage attributes (feathers, beads, silk handkerchiefs, etc.) are completely different, and sometimes unusual items such as metal, molten wax, glass, leather, plastic and so on. These materials and items magic-looking masseuse affects Your erogenous zones, causing the reaction not only Your body but also Your brain, which begin to emerge erotic picturethat draws Your subconscious. Imagine a darkened room, pleasant odors emanating from aroma lamps, beautiful Nude girl, which ties your eyes and starts the game, the name of which "intrigue".

Massage Hellerwork" - this massage is for those who are ready for a completely new sensations that will bring You lots of unforgettable emotions.