DISEASES OF CHILDHOOD : - etiology, pathogenesis, symptoms and course of, recognition, prediction and prevention



What is the SCURVY KIDS and how it is treated?


Etiology and pathogenesis SCURVY KIDS

Beriberi With due to prolonged absence or lack of content in the diet of the child protivotarannogo factor (S). Random disease, especially colitis and dysentery, provoke identify deficiencies and enhance all its symptoms.

Symptoms and course SCURVY KIDS

Symptoms. Most often in children from 6 months to 1½ years; much less on the first six months of life and after 2 years. Irritability, insomnia, anorexia, poor growth of weight, pallor. Doughy and very painful swelling in the hips, ankles, knee joints, bones and joints of the upper extremities. All these phenomena are caused by subperiosteal hemorrhages and on the border between davisoni and epiphyses of long bones of extremities. Skin hemorrhages. Bleeding in the eye socket. Bleeding intestinal, kidney and nasal. Bleeding gums when no teeth are weak. Anemia reaches largely oligohaline, poikilocytes, relative lymphocytosis, trombopenia.

Course and complications. The disease develops gradually, a long time may occur under the guise of malnutrition. The intensity of the detection depends on the degree of hypovitaminosis, further over - the timeliness and accuracy of treatment. Easily join a random infection, host protracted and unfavorable course. Fractures of the extremities.

Recognition SCURVY KIDS

Based on history, clinical presentation and typical data radiographs of the affected bone (subperiosteal hemorrhage, bone porosity, structural damage to the epiphyseal line).

Predictions SCURVY KIDS

Prediction careful; to take into account not only the severity avitaminotic signs, but also the General condition of the child, the severity and nature of opportunistic infections.

Prevention SCURVY KIDS

Proper nutrition of the mother during pregnancy and breastfeeding. Proper feeding of a child; to avoid long monotonous feeding boiled cow's milk and cereals. Early appointment (2½ - 3 months of age) fresh vegetable and fruit juices. Timely introduction (with 6 - 7 months of life) in the diet of vegetable and fruit puree. With the end of winter - beginning of spring even in the presence of fruit assign ascorbic acid.


Rest, immobilization of the affected limb. Transfer the child to raw female or pasteurized (short-term) cow's milk. The good effect gives raw cow's milk, but use it with full confidence in nezarazeno random pathogenic bacteria. To enter into a diet of fresh vegetables, berries and fruit juices (BlackBerry, lemon, tomato and others). Drinking from the infusion of rose hips; concentrates hips. Inside, intramuscularly and even intravenously to prescribe large doses of ascorbic acid (up to 300 - 400 mg per day). At the same time to designate other vitamins (D, a, B1, PP), as almost always there is an indication polyvitamins. Calcium supplements. When there is a loosening of the gums - blur solution of silver nitrate, penicillin, infusion of oak bark, bistorta etc. When layering various infections early and vigorous treatment, penicillinate. Symptomatic therapy. A blood transfusion.