Diaper RASH (INTERTRIGO) in newborns

Diaper RASH (INTERTRIGO) in newborns- QR

DISEASES OF CHILDHOOD : - etiology, pathogenesis, symptoms and course of, recognition, prediction and prevention



What is the Diaper RASH (INTERTRIGO) in newborns and how it is treated?


Etiology and pathogenesis Diaper RASH (INTERTRIGO) in newborns

Etiology. Skin irritation urine and feces, especially when dyspepsia and acute digestive disorders, hygienic defects of child care, trauma to the skin rough diaper, rough wiping.

Symptoms and course Diaper RASH (INTERTRIGO) in newborns

Symptoms. The most frequent localization in the buttocks, vulva, young, armpits, neck and other skin folds. It is necessary to distinguish: mild rash (grade I) - mild reddening of the skin for no apparent violations of its integrity; moderate rash (II degree) - brighter redness with visible erosion and, finally, severe rash (grade III) - sharp weeping redness in places fused between numerous erosions.

The complication.

Secondary infection and the appearance of ulcers, swelling of regional lymph glands, etc.

Recognition Diaper RASH (INTERTRIGO) in newborns

Not difficult; to exclude the erythroderma of the Liner.

Prevention Diaper RASH (INTERTRIGO) in newborns

Careful skin care of the child; thorough washing and careful drying of the skin of the child after urination and defecation, followed by sterile lubrication oil (sunflower, peach, almond) or dusting inorganic powder. No overheating of the child; to properly swaddle, not to use oilcloth. Correct feeding.


To eliminate all the defects of child care. When the rash first degree is enough to dusting reddened places talc, white clay or sterile lubricating oil. Well the affected part of the body to leave naked, which is possible, of course, only when the air temperature in the room 24 - 25º and constant heating of the child rays electrotreatment lamp. For erosions (II degree) shown blur 3 - 5% solution of silver nitrate followed by dusting these powders. Helps Prater Park with talc, zinc and glycerin. When diaper rash III degree initially appointed a cool wet lotions with Borovskoy liquid, with a 0.5% solution of resorcinol, with a 0.25% solution of silver nitrate, etc. Only on the disappearance soak you can assign powder, mash, sterile lubrication oil and ointments. Good results are obtained by topical application of gramicidin (0,4%of an aqueous solution or 0.8%oil solution) and penicillin (lotion - 1 000 - 5 000 units per 1 ml or ointment - 5 000 - 10 000 units per 1 g). With all the diaper rash swaddle baby without oilcloth and instead of the usual baths to do baths with oak bark, tanninim and potassium permanganate.