DISEASES OF CHILDHOOD : - etiology, pathogenesis, symptoms and course of, recognition, prediction and prevention



What is the NEUROPATHY (NEUROPATHIA) and how it is treated?


Etiology and pathogenesis NEUROPATHY (NEUROPATHIA)

The disease develops as a result of adverse environmental conditions and improper upbringing.

Symptoms and course NEUROPATHY (NEUROPATHIA)

The symptoms are extremely polymorphic. In infants, anxiety, poor sleep, vomiting, frequent violations of the gastrointestinal tract, retarded physical development. In older age - moodiness, lack of discipline, intestinal cramps, tics, lability temperature.

The course is mainly determined by the influence of the environment and proper upbringing.


Not difficult; it should be distinguished from the pedagogical neglect. Psychoanalysis, which focuses on the identification of pockets of over-excitation in the cerebral cortex.


The prediction is largely determined by the conditions of education.

Prevention and treatment.

Strictly carried out the correct mode of the day and nutrition from an early age; the right pedagogical approach to the child. It is often useful to remove a child from a family at least some time during the day (the placement of a child in a children's nursery, children's group, school, health centres). The widespread use of recreational activities: sun and air baths, bathing, wiping, pouring, physical education, sports, games, etc. to infants, it is useful to assign temporarily calcium, bromine, and even more strongly active substances - luminal, urethane. At an older age would impact on the child with his authority, emphasizing the lack of any kind of disease. To provide some longer sleep at night and bed rest or sleep during the day.