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What is the ORCHITIS (ORCHITIS) and how it is treated?


Etiology and pathogenesis ORCHITIS (ORCHITIS)

Occurs due to infection or hematogenous route (in infectious diseases, mumps), or from the epididymis and VAS duct. Gonorrhoeae infection, affecting often the appendage, very rarely penetrates the egg. On the contrary, syphilis affects the testicles and rarely appendage. Tuberculosis, starting with the appendage moves further to the testis.

Symptoms and course ORCHITIS (ORCHITIS)

There are acute and chronic orchitis. In acute orchitis disease begins abruptly with fever, severe pain in the testicle and swelling in the scrotum. These phenomena hold for a few days, then the temperature is reduced, the pain subsided, egg, however, is increased. Acute testicular inflammation can become chronic; inflammation may from the outset to have a chronic course (syphilis, tuberculosis). The inflammatory process has an adverse impact on the spermatogenic epithelium, causing him atrophic process. Even more serious consequences for egg cause inflammatory processes in the case of transition them into suppuration. The resulting abscess is involved in the surrounding tissue and in the absence of surgical intervention punches arise from the skin, forming a fistula. The testicular parenchyma in these cases, completely dies. The consequence of bilateral orchitis may be infertility and impaired endocrine function of the testes.


Recognition is not difficult. Acute orchitis usually caused by Staphylococcus, Streptococcus, Escherichia coli. The orchitis, flowing from the very beginning as a chronic, suspicious for syphilis and tuberculosis. For recognition it is necessary to bear in mind testicular tumor (seminoma).


Treatment of acute orchitis is at rest and the application of heat. Good results are penicillin and sulfonamides. In the formation of abscess surgical treatment. When syphilitic orchitis specific treatment.